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Girls and Their Periods

Pink Baby Tee : TOPSHOP – Jumpsuit : MANGO – Sunglasses : RAY BAN – Bag : UNBRANDED – Sneakers : VANS

Shout out to my girls everywhere who’s having their periods almost as the same time as me. Us, girls, with the mixed feelings and emotions because of the time of the month are not the one to blame for our hormonal issues. Some might want to be angry, some might easily get annoyed, me ? I feel the tendencies to cry. Haha. Come to think of it, it’s so funny how we feel and how mixed up and messed up we’re feeling.

Choosing the comfortable outfit for today with a cropped baby tee and a super duper loose jumpsuit paired up with sneakers and a big giant bag. Well, a girl needs comfort when her body is not at its best. Spending some laughters with Mom too, so I feel a lot better.

Don’t get into a fight, girls !

Love and feeling a mixed feelings, S xxx.

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  1. hello there! i’ve been reading you for a while and i just wanted to say that you’re a really sweet and strong lady! and i like reading all of you. you’re quite positive! wishing you the best, beautiful!

    • Hello there 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words and thank you for reading.. appreciate it so much !

      • that is fine 🙂
        also would you mind, if maybe i wanted to know you more and connect w you more on a personal level? 🙂

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