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Dinner Date With Mom in Canggu

As I’m single ( urgh and yeah ) and I haven’t met the right one yet, my dinner dates include Mom all over. So we went to a short getaway trip to Bali and ended up in Nude Canggu, Jalan Pantai Berawa, before the corner with Raya Semat. They open everyday from 7am to 10pm. So after a short visit to an interior shop, we went there. We had the medium rare steak and a side of broccoli and mushroom. The yums. My most favourite part of the dinner was the well cooked steak plus a heart to heart conversation with Mom. She’s mothering everyone in my family so sometimes it’s hard to get her full attention. Well, that night, I got everything I need. A happy soul and a happy tummy. First time trying Kombucha too. Well, not bad. It was okay.

Anyway, I love the place because it’s got friendly staff and mellow ambience. The food was cooked to perfection. It wasn’t too crowded so you can enjoy the food really well. The presentation was also well prepared and the music swaying in the background helps to lift up the mood. Worth a try.

Well, I guess, that’s it from the happy me now. I’m getting lunch.

See ya. S xx.

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