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I Got It From My Mama

My Mama always says, never look scruffy whenever you’re going out from the house. Whether it’s just a matter of running down the street to get some milk from the small grocery store or returning the book you’ve finished reading to the public library. Always make the effort as you’ll never know who you’ll bump into. For example, a cute guy you’ve been crush on ? LOL.

Mom is wearing a MANGO buttoned down shirt in bohemian floral pattern and a comfortable UNIQLO legging paired up with a nude unbranded flat shoes. I am wearing a ZARA sleeveless baby doll top paired up with a ZARA denim distressed pants and VANS sneakers. My fluffy earrings ? I got it from a local market in Bangkok, Thailand.

So to all of you girls everywhere, make the effort to look good. Feel good. And walk your everyday like a runway.

Love, S.

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