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Being crazy conscious about my body, I’ve been doing more work out lately. Doing yoga or boxing in the morning and then some heavy weight lifting in the afternoon. I keep on enduring even though I feel hungrier and restless because in my head, the more that I’m doing, the more calories that I’m burning, the smaller that I will be.


I didn’t listen to my body and ended up getting some water weight gained up in like 2 kgs. I am bloating like crazy because I’m not resting and simply torturing myself non stop. It gets to me and I get more stressed out.

So girls everywhere. Listen to your body. When your body needs rest, just rest. If you need one day off, just lay off and do the exercise the next day. There is no good into doing more. Doing just enough will bring the best result, and it’s best for you both emotionally and physically.

Learned my lesson.

Love, S.

PS. Wearing ZARA top, skirt and boots with BALENCIAGA bag.

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