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Lousy Feelings Management

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I woke up feeling lousy and tired today. Managed to do a morning yoga session and hold myself up with some wilting and downward facing dog. Favourite position today ? Child pose and happy baby. Haha.

So, I have been in anxiety and nervous break down for a career turn. Inside, I feel like I’m dying and I don’t feel like facing the day ahead of me. Trying to cheer myself up with some Pinterest quote such as “It’s a bad day, not a bad life” or “Tomorrow is a new beginning”. Yeah yeah. It is always easier said than done.

People always know that me being me is somebody bubbly. Once even a friend asked if whether I am able to feel sad and down. Well, I feel sad and down now tho.


It is never a reason to be rude and ignorant with people around you. Yes, I feel lousy. Yes, I feel sad. Yes, I am feeling an emotional turbulence right now. But life goes on even one step at a time and it is never anybody’s fault with everything that I’m feeling inside.

So, I still say hi to my Mom even though I don’t really feel like talking. I called my best friend because he said he needs me and he’s feeling kind of crap too. I say thank you and smile to the barista that made my latte today. I still show up at work and working at my desk, smiling to those around me. I talk. I fight the urge to be anti social. And I said yes to a family trip tomorrow that I actually dread because I just want to curl up in bed and sulk.

But being this way, do you know what that makes me feel ? A champion. A winner to my inner darker self, and it’s a little bit of a mood booster.

Sometimes it’s not our surrounding that needs a fighting. It is our inner self.

Decide to be the best of yourself even with the lousy-ness.

Speaking of which, a little tour of STUDIO AIR PUTIH. They made it into Design Anthology magazine. A headquarter of interior design creative. So lucky to be there.

What a sight right ?

Well, hope your feelings are better than mine.


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