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Friends That Become Family

Cheers to strangers that become friends, and friends that become family.

Back in our little infamous Box Town, we’re merely two strangers that barely know each other. Literally watching her as my church’s worship leader, our relationship just in between me being the church’s fashion stylist styling her for her performances every Sunday service. We exchanged small talks and hellos when we bumped into each other. She was always the sweet girl, the golden voice and the friendly part of the church.

Our journey then took us all the way to Bali, where she is married to one of the kindest human being ever and he’s just started to work there, so she jumped across the the sea and landed herself and her little newfound family in Bali. Me ? I was working back and forth everywhere, spend most of my time in Bali and didn’t know much people at first.

We agreed to meet up and hit it off. One sunset back in Canggu and turned out we shared the same interests, views and thoughts not only personally but also about the world. We’re on and off but we’re family at the end of the day. So babe, I am so grateful I’ve found a friend in you. Here’s to our first Christmas together as best friends.

You will find a friend in someone you least expected. Be friendly and warm to anyone. In those people, you might find one of two that become really close to you, somebody that you can rely on. And isn’t it nice to be connected as a family not only by blood, but by soul.

Open your friendship horizon. I’ll be your friend too.

With lots of love.

S. XX.

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