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Me and The Beach With No Filter Needed

There’s something captivating about being on a beach. Either it’s the palm trees, ocean breeze or the warmth on our skin. Sometimes, our iPhones come out and without editing them we post on our instagrams with hash tags of no captions needed or no filters needed. And indeed, there’s no need. There’s something about the Mother’s nature beauty that place itself on a beach. Something charming and engaging.

Some people are going to Bali because of holiday and finally decided to stay. Some people move to Bali because they got their hearts broken. Some people go to Bali because they’re looking to meet new friendly places from all over the world. But with all differences, they know one thing for sure : THE BEACH IS BEAUTIFUL.

Love from the island, S.

Oh, and the seafood is fresh AF !

Shot on iPhone, no FILTERS needed !


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