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Things I Don’t Understand In Life ( RELATIONSHIP )

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I deleted my Tinder account. Yes. I keep bumping into assholes looking for a chance of a one time date and a happy ending. Sorry, call me a nerd but that’s not my thing. I ain’t no saint, I’m a sinner. There’s no judgement for people who happily do those things, but that’s just not my style. So yeah, I prefer to wait for someone, at the right time, at the right moment, just the right person. When it’s time, it’s time. A real serious relationship kind of girl. That’s me.

That being said. I see people in relationships around me. Couples after couples.

Some couples tend not to express their feelings and keep whatever they’re thinking inside without communicating what’s best for both parties. Sometimes one person agreeing with a sick feeling of not agreeing inside. Sometimes one person sacrificing oneself just so that her or his partner make the decision. Probably it was the best thing to do but those disagreements will become a big lump inside the relationship.

I see people tend to react rather than to respond when they bump into some rocky roads. Why would we yell and be aggressively angry when we can communicate, when we can talk. Would that be better ?

Well, I’m just saying. I’m a happy single girl. But when someday I have a partner in life, I think I’ve learned. A lot.

Well, back to my books then. Which one should I read first ?

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