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Perfect Fit


Imagine you’re going to the prom. You will go shopping, looking through several stores, trying on several outfits and then you will find one that is totally perfect and suits you very well. Looking for the right dress is hard and it needs a lot of effort and work. But at the end of the day, you will walk into that prom venue and feel proud and good about yourself. With confidence and a wide smile, you will think that all those sweat and stress are worth the while.

Well, if you’re doing nothing with life at the moment, think about that scenario. When you’re applying into several jobs, you get in and you don’t enjoy it as much or you’re applying a lot of applications but none of them got through, never give up. Sometimes you have to experience some bumps in the road to finally get to where you are meant to be. And when you do make it at the end of the day, you will feel proud of yourself, fulfilled with achievements, and you will be so grateful of it and would not take it for granted.

Same goes with partners in life. Some people are trying so hard, some people are nearly giving up because they always bump into shit heads and assholes. But those experiences, those days will make them very grateful for finding the right one.

You’re talking to a girl who tends to see the bright side in everything and believing that things happen for reasons. You know. Everything must means something, even those bad days. Try to believe that. And then, your bad days wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Love, S.

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