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I know, right. Tinder. So.

I’ve been single for three years and yes, it has been the best three years of my life filled with new friends, adventures, fine wines and dines plus the glitz of great gin and tonics. Can’t complain.

I’ve never had a Tinder app before. I’ve always thought that Tinder is meant for desperate people looking for partnership and people casually looking for chances of one night stands. Which is scary in my opinion. No judgements for those who do that, tho, nothing wrong with that. BUT. It’s just not me. People say I’m picky. But hey, being picky is not a bad thing. It’s a prevention for me from things that could hurt me in the future. ( Big girl alert ? Well, I don’t want to regret things. )

And so the journey takes me to two weeks ago, on a girls night out. The subject of Tinder came up. Still, happy to be where I’m at and still with the same opinion on Tinder. But one of my girlfriends got really frustrated to me and stubbornly ask me to download Tinder, up until she snatched my phone and downloaded the app to my phone herself.

“Why would you do that to me ?” ( I whined like a maniac. )

“Because ! You’re always saying that Tinder is that bad and desperate. BUT. You don’t see the bigger picture. How about those fews who have no time to go out and meet people ? Like they can’t or have no time of social life whatsoever. You might meet someone. Cut it out. Enough with the solo career of you sailing through life, hon. You know what ? I AM downloading and I AM going to swipe. I think guys are scared of you of being too independent, on which, I don’t know why and on Tinder they don’t know who you are. So they will try, at least.”

And with that, I have a Tinder app and also with that, I have a new view.

Yes, how about those fews who have basically no time for social life and literally dying to interact and have relationship. So it’s never that bad and it’s never wrong. There will always be two views on everything, right ?

And so, I met up with someone and turned out it wasn’t that bad. We actually had a great time. Well, I had. But it has proven to me that having Tinder is not something you should hide or be ashamed about. Well, widen your horizons, mamas.

I know the internet is something that will be eternally bites you in your ass someday but this post is just something that I’ve experienced and would like to share about. Just because, why not ?

Anyway, it’s my life. LOL.

My girlfriend also says, it’s better than someday to be alone and wondering what ifs. At least, I tried once. Sure thing, I’m one of those girls who’s scared AF of being hurt and meet some kind of shit heads ( which is why I’ve got my toilet sanitiser spray in my bag at all times, so, assholes, it can end up on your freaking eyes. LOL hahah. ) But I’m also that kind of girl who will eventually live boldly and strongly, that I’ve tried everything and grow wiser. Big girls don’t cry, do they. Even if, I meet someone and that someone turns out to be somebody that I really like but then transform into a shit head, at least I know this song Someday – Nina ( Someday I’ll forget about you, you see I won’t even miss you ) and I’ll move on with life.

Well, that’s me. What do you think ?

Peace, love and Happy Monday !

With love, S.

As usual, Bali photos time – scroll down 🙂

Spent a great day at Panama Kitchen and Pool, Canggu, Bali. Google and try yourselves, guys.

Top and Pants : ZARA – Shoes : FOREVER21 – Bag : BALENCIAGA

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