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It’s way easier to be rude. Like, when you’re on your first day of period and you’re feeling cranky. Not thanking the barista who makes your favourite latte, being irritated with no reason to your partner or friend or just being grumpy about the day being gloomy.

It’s easier to see the bad things in life rather than the good things. Probably when you accidentally step into a dirt while wearing your brand new white sneakers and you feel like screaming bloody murder, when you ordered some food in a restaurant and you’re like totally hungry but then the food is overcooked, when you’re waiting for your friends and they turned out to be 45 minutes late.

It’s always easier to be negative. It takes no pressure, it takes no effort. But where will it take you ? A life of unhappiness and ungratefulness.

Simply choose to be happy when you cannot change some things in life. Be thankful that your barista know how to make your latte and say a quick thanks and smile. Probably it makes his day after his long morning at work starting early. When the sky is gloomy and when you’re not feeling well, be around those who love you and be thankful that you’re with them instead of brushing them off.

Be thankful that you can purchase a brand new sneakers and just clean the dirt off, they’re just things. Be thankful that you’re in your favourite restaurant and you can always complain and get a new food when they don’t do it right. Be thankful that you have friends, some people are lonely.

There are so many things in life to be grateful for, to be happy for. All you gotta do is to dig deeper when you’re having a bad day. Eventually, you’ll find something.

Sometimes, life is not easy. But the way you live it, you can always choose. Right ?

Love, S.

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