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TOPSHOP Top – ZARA Hotpants – ONITSUKA TIGER Sneakers – DIOR Sunglasses

Sometimes we tend to talk to much about ourselves that we forget to listen to others. I think it’s a form of self pity and self centered behaviour. We often blame others without pointing to ourselves and take a look in the mirror what have we done wrongly.

Recently, I opened up a clothing brand with several employees. Looking back and asking about their previous job, I asked them why did they leave and chose to be with me, a newbie in this business for like a mere three months, with no promises of success. They all say the same thing. When they tell me little stories about their days or their families, I listen excitedly and talk back to them. I listen even though I’m more of a superior person to them.

Same goes with my Mom. I love her when she takes care of me and giving me presents on my birthday. But I love it most when she takes some time off her busy days and just listen to me talking about my life.

I used to dodge the times my Dad tell me stories about his work and his difficulties because I never know what to say. But now I know, even if I just listen and not saying anything, that sense of attention, it’s more than enough.

Talk less, listen more. Sometimes it means more than anything in the world.

Love, S.

PS. Photos from my friend’s Diego place : CABINA, BALI, INDONESIA.

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