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Quality Time is The Best Time

Meet my Mom. She’s the heart and soul of our artwork, lamps and lightings family business. I’m kind of in the middle of a lot of art and design works right now, and one of them is being her junior designer slash assistant. The work is hard sometimes and it has its ups and downs. But my most favourite time is after we ace our meeting and have some time for dinner before heading home. We talk about work, life and even our secrets.

To anybody everywhere in the world right now. If you have your Mom right next to you, no matter how you feel, love her. She’s the one who’s brought you here in life and without her you’re absolutely nothing. Some people don’t get the chance and privilege to grow up with a Mom. So if you have one, love her and spend as much time possible with her. It’s not Mother’s Day, but just saying,

With extra love, S.

One of our works for Ayana Midplaza Jakarta
A nice meal and chill after work.

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