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Rainbow After The Rain

Living in Indonesia and with a title designer as a job, I required to travel back and forth everywhere. Having a home in Bandung a.k.a Box Town, the regular weekly travel destination would be Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia that is so famous with its weekday traffic. I love Jakarta on weekends, personally, because of the night life, the buzz of things to do to refresh and the high lights. You can find literally everything there.

Yesterday was my regular travel and after waiting for two hours, my meeting got cancelled. I was so excited at first because the traffic is friendly and I got only one meeting. When I realised it was cancelled at the end, it bummed me because I lost a day of work. Usually this kind of thing, experienced with others, will pissed them off to the core. It really did bug me, but come to think of it as a bigger picture I got these :

  1. I got to leave the cramped and suffocating Box Town for a bit and refresh myself to Jakarta while its traffic was pretty friendly.
  2. I got to spend a day with my Mom chatting crazily about everything.
  3. We got to dine in a beautiful place and had girls time together, while in Box Town she’s always busy with things and her attentions literally split into everything.
  4. Me and Mom used the time to do our hairs and did a bit of shopping
  5. When it was time to go back to Box Town, the traffic is pretty friendly again.

Instead of fretting losing a day of work, I got to enjoy the other little things that turn out to be greater things rather than money. I love my Mom and I love my time with her. If we did not go to the meeting that actually got cancelled, I wouldn’t spend so much lovely time in a day with her.

Same goes with those time in university. Before I got into fashion study, I was forced to do graphic design, which I know so little about and I ended up literally giving up on everything and skipped a lot of classes because I had no interest in it whatsoever. When finally my parents gave up to something that I was actually so GOOD in doing, FASHION, I was so grateful I got to do things I wanted to do in the first place that I aced, strived and graduated as being the best. Ah, golden memories.

So sometimes, shit happens, things happen for reasons. Sometimes we got to experience the uneasy feeling, the dread, but afterwards we got something so much more. Try and tend to see one step ahead, what awaits you around the corner might be things you’ve never imagined before.

See the rainbow after the rain and be grateful.

Love, S.

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