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A Letter For CL


Dear my best friend slash sister from another mother CL,

You know what they said : each day is a different day, each second is a different moment and you can never repeat the past. Every sunset that I experienced in Bali is different, one of which, is special when we shared our stories over some bubbles back in Finn’s Beach Club, Bali. We didn’t come there to tan, just to talk under the heat and laugh over the warm breeze and the sounds of wave comes crashing.

Even when ups and downs come, we keep being friends. Even when we don’t talk as much, I love you just the same. Cheers to life and to live the future. You’re forever be my bestest friend, no matter where you are, how this friendship is going to be. Thank you for keeping my secrets, and for always have me behind your back. I love you.

Forever your sis, S.

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