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Us VS People’s Lives

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We often look up and see people with better lives. We tend to feel jealous when they can travel first class and we’re just being in plain economy. Commoners. Dang. Sometimes, we often see people in beautiful relationships with their partners while ours are shipwrecks or we’re those ones trying to find the one but that person never come by. Probably we’re those people being in our 30s seeing others doing successful business while ours are struggling day by day.

Let me tell you something. Life begins at no age limits. It could be your 20s, 30s, or even 40s. Take my role model, Taraji P Henson, the fierce Cookie Lyon of EMPIRE series. She still look gorgeous approaching her 50s and she kills her career. Before, she did some roles but she reaches her fame nowadays, not when she was in her twenties or thirties. Each person in this life comes with different times and blessings. So don’t worry, your time will come.

People often worry about things they can’t handle or try to fast forward timing that they should get through. Sometimes, patience is hard. But with every might we can, choose joy over those worries and dreads.

Peace and love from sunny Bali.


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