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UNBRANDED Headband – TOPSHOP Dress – ZARA Bag – CONVERSE Sneakers – PULL & BEAR Necklace

I talked to the guy I told you guys about yesterday. We chatted on the DMs back and forth. He seems like a nice guy to talk to and all that. When we are faced to talk to someone we like and then the response would go as much as just him or her answering our questions without asking back about us, we often feel small and immediately think that the other person is not interested. But I beg the differ. I just found out this guy just broke up from his marriage recently. I realised that sometimes, it’s not that the guy or the girl is not interested. Probably they were hurt real bad, it’s hard to open up to someone new. You might just need to understand.

Well, I don’t know if he’s interested in me or not. But for all I know, I feel him. Being single recently, just got off a shipwrecked. It makes you think twice or more to be close to someone else. So, never rush. Be patience. Sometimes you have to see the whole bigger picture, and then you understand. In a relationship and also in life itself.

Enjoy life and its ride. When you can understand things that come with life, everything seems easier.

Love, S.

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