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Start From Nothing : Lose Nothing

Dress and Bag : ZARA – Sandals : TOPSHOP

Several days ago I went to my regular Cross Fit box to work out with a friend. When I got there, he introduced me to one of his friends and dang. I had a sudden crush. He was so gorgeous like a Ken’s barbie doll and totally humble and sweet. We didn’t talk much but I added him on Instagram. There’s nothing that I’m looking for and I think nothing will ever happened.

I hung out with my friend Evie the next day and told her about my new crush. She asked me to just talk to him and text him or something. I told her, I was too ashamed to do that because why would such a gorgeous guy would want anything to do with me. Well, I always think that to get to know a person you don’t have to date that person. To be just friends would be fun too. Then Evie told me, ” Girl, just talk to him. Chat him. You’ll never know what’s going to happen anyway. If he’s not interested. Fine. You’ll be coming to your start from the beginning. Which is nothing.” Then I said, “But I’ll be all ashamed with my other friend who introduced us.” She said, “It’s about walking out from your comfort zone and be brave. So what. Wave it off. It’s a new challenge. At least, you’ll never wonder WHAT IFs.”

I never asked a guy out anyway and I just want to talk out of admiration. Well duh, he’s a hunk. That was from a girl to a guy point of view.

The next night, I went to dinner with Shendy and Andre, one of the best couple ever. I told them my ideas about starting out a brand which is all me in one cup. They supported me and told me almost the same thing. “When you start with nothing, you got nothing to lose. All you’ll be ended up in is the same situation where you started. People always ask. What if I fall. But darling, what if you fly? What if you make it? You’ll never end up wondering WHAT IFs.”

Well, that guy is just being nice answering my DMs through instagram but being friends are great for me, it widens my horizon. About my new business? Stay tuned.

Remember, when you start with nothing, there’s nothing to lose.

Starting my day with a brunch at SHELTER CAFE, SEMINYAK, BALI. I love the simplicity of every dish and the vibe of the thick nature sense. No smoking and serving both normal and vegan meals and accepting requests based on allergies and preferences.

Happened to bumped into GELATO SHACK, SEMINYAK SQUARE, BALI and loving the tiny place and selections of gelato. Worth a try if you happen to be in the busy buzzy area.

Ending my day at WOO BAR – W HOTEL BALI, PETITENGET. Great place for fun cocktails, great chill music and sunset.

Bali always fun with life lessons and places to hop on and off. Anybody coming ? Email me and we can hang out !

Love, S.

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