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Laugh It Off !!!

Bali is freaking hot and humid at the moment. I went to this beach bar with a guy I used to date for a sunset and my make up MELTED ! Yup, melted ! We’re totally buddies right now but it totally messed up my pride. Haha. But what could I do ? I just wiped the whole thing off with baby wipes and continued enjoying my sunset moment with a friend. Sometimes, we just have to laugh things off. Shit happens, embarrassment happens, but we cannot let those things ruin the joy of right now. It could totally turn me in a bad mood and turn a lovely afternoon into a dreadful one. But, instead, I laughed it off, shrugged it off and just enjoy the moment. Well the sunset is lovely and sometimes I just have to get used to no make up days. Well, it just a make up. It was nothing compared to the cotton candy sky.

When bad things happen, never let them take out all the good things right away. Instead, turn your brain around and just laugh at yourself. It might create funny memories.

Postcards from Bali, guys !

TOPSHOP Top – ZARA Shorts and Bag – CONVERSE Sneakers – OPENING CEREMONY Sunglasses

Til next post and always have a good time !

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