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Rejection And Acceptance

They all say enjoy and embrace the little things, notice the little sparkles and enjoy every single moment of it. When you’re down or failing one time and then you get back up and make it to the top, you’ll know what it’s like being in the bottom and being at the top would feel so much better and you’re more grateful. Being able to have more money than you used to be makes you feel blessed. Notice what happens to our lives each and every moment of it. The negativities that happened, the shitty days and the sunshiney good days.

When you’re rejected all over again, you’ll know how appreciative you would be when you get accepted.

Rejections and acceptances. Two different things. Both have silver linings.

All’s good. Love, S.

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The bad days makes you appreciate the good days.
Love and live your life – to the fullest.

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