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The Joy of Right Now

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You know, we have worry inside us creeping like a monster under our bed at night, a worry like a child dreading of lights out or what tomorrow will be when you have to attend the PE class but you are not fit enough to the school’s standard.

Worrying about tomorrow can cause us losing the joy of today. It makes us blind about what is happening at the moment around us. Either a simple joke that can actually makes us laugh until our stomach hurts, a warm heartfelt soup your Mom is making for dinner or a hug from your loved one.

Worrying doesn’t change about everything, except it takes away the happiness that we can experience right now or today. So stop worrying about anything, instead pray for everything. Tomorrow has its own problem. Lets focus just on today, shall we ?


Start by listing three things that you are grateful for today. The rest will follow. Try to see the little star dust and twinkles. Do this each day and somehow, you will start to see some sparks and hopes in your life.

From Bali, with love. S.

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