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Friendship and Its Obstacles

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Radiate positivity. You saw that quote on Pinterest and any other platform of social media, yoga shirts and places, right ? Well, for once in my life, I think it’s true.

When you are looking at yourself and you are focusing on your weaknesses, all you are going to see is a big giant pot of melt downs and failures. All of your flaws, flashing right in front of your eyes that you forget to see what’s good in your life, what you can do and of course, what is your best. Some people forget that they are indeed weak in one part of life but so strong in other parts of life. Our strengths can decrease or even make our weaknesses perish.

I was focusing on my failures so much going from my twenties into my thirties that I forgot about my capabilities and my talents. How I can make those works into something big. It takes time, a lot of desperate moments and tears, but finally I can see the bigger picture and try again. Well, like what they say, fall seven times, stand up eight. I hear a lot of stories being a failures but finally make it to the top so many times that I think of myself like this ” If they can do it, I can do it. There are proven examples of people failing so many times but finally make it. ” If they can, we can right ?

Same goes with friendship. When we are in some kind of best friend ship situation and our friend is groggily annoying for quite some time, we tend to walk away into a new group of friends. But remember, looking back, probably that annoying friend is the one who accepts you when you’re being a disappointment or annoyance. One blip in a friendship is not worth sacrificing all those years of togetherness. People have their bright sides and sometimes life is not so sunny that they get into their dark sides. But, eventually, they come around. That what makes friendship works. Tolerance.

So I guess I put on some personal self stuff and friendship into this post.

Hope you like my writing today.

Sunny and bright from Bali. S xx.

Bumped into a gorgeous display on my best friendship date one time in Bangkok, Thailand.
Me and my best friend. We share the ups and downs but we stick together and tolerate each other. I get you and you get me. Thanks, buddy.

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