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On Fashion Things and Money Obstacles


Who doesn’t want to own a Chanel bag, a Dior sunglasses and a pair Valentino shoes. A gun pointed to your head or not, everybody will say yes yes yes and a big capital YES to the rhetorical question. I want all of those too but with income and stuff, some of us are lucky enough to own those fancy things, some of us just don’t.

You know, the flow of money in our lives would come in a curve and wave of ups and downs. Some of us experience the up days and treat ourselves with branded goodies or those similar kind of stuff, some of us experience our down days and we just have to tighten our belts – whether we like it or not.

If you ask me, fashion is about anything. If we are those ones who can’t own those Chanel bags, so what ? We can shop vintage or ordinary brands or even unbranded stuff and style ourselves more than fashionably stylish so that we can look like we are worth a million dollar. We can be fashionable and stylish in our own ways. If what we have are limited, consider that as a challenge. How you can style yourself up with those 15 items in your closets and make it into 50 daily looks for each and every day. Not only we get smarter with styling, we get more creative and nothing about money and our incapability to purchase branded things will be relevant. Fashion is about branded things yes, but it means more too. Fashion is meant for everybody who wants a chance to look good, feel good about themselves in anything they are wearing. Fashion is about passion. How far you will go to look fashionable and pour your heart and soul into it ?

For all I know, a person can purchase all the brands in the world and look unfashionable because she or he can not style them right, and somebody with unbranded things can be a blogger just because she or he is passionate enough to turn the things she or he has into a look so interesting and exciting, that people will notice. Preach.

So for those with tight belts of money, never let your heart gets small. Fashion is for you. If it’s meant for you, never let social media, jealousy or anything in this world makes you feel small. You can style yourself, you can do it. Fashion includes you.

Speaking of which, here are some photos of my Bangkok trip, eating and enjoying myself for a weekend.

Love ya fashion lovers, S xx.

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