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The Too Much Stuff

ZARA Dress, Bag and Boots

I always drink ice black coffee for breakfast. Yesterday, after I got my daily dose of caffeine, I went to a cafe with a friend and had another coffee. Boy, the second one was too strong and I got really shaky the for the whole day. Then, I got nauseous and dizzy and spent the whole day in my bed. Too much coffee. Yeah.

So it comes to me a conclusion that too much of everything is not good. Spending too much money can broke your bank account, too much make up will make you look like you’re trying too hard, too much alcohol will give you massive hangover the next day, too much work outs will make you lousy and bloat instead of ripped and too much oil for your hair will make them greasy. And so on. Never do too much. Everything has a portion. A little bit more is quite okay but never cross the line your heart is telling you.

A few photos before the coffee attack happened. A half day well spent.

Hope you guys are having a lovely Saturday.

Love, S.

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