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Shared Lipstick


When it comes to friendship, we will get to know one thing that is called SHARING. We will share secrets, pop corns at the movies, M&M’s or French fries. But honestly, I am telling you. Do not share literally EVERYTHING.

If you have someone to confide in, that is so great but you will never know what the relationship will take you in the future. Probably you will stay friends, probably you will be strangers toward each other but still keeping each other’s secrets, probably you will end up in a nasty argument and with anger you will accidentally or purposely spill each other’s secrets. Well, we will never know.

Same with lipstick. I find lipstick as something intimate. You smear it on your lips. Geez, saliva and stuff. I hate it when a friend ask to borrow a lipstick or lip gloss from me. It is not like I am a stuck up bitch or something. I consider it as gross.

Same thing with food. We can share food but I prefer one general fork and spoon in the middle to scoop up everything rather than using my fork to taste and somebody else borrowing my fork. MY fork. Haha. Think germs and disease. You will never know, right ? You think you know your friend but they also have personal lives.

Drinks also. You drink from a glass and you ask a friend to taste your cocktails. Ugh, saliva guys. Germs. ETC ETC ETC.

Well this thought is so simple, but guys, please. Be sanitary. You literally can NOT share everything, right. Again, not stuck up. Just keeping things clean.

Love, S.

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  1. Ha ha..I used to feel this way too for a long time. Then I stayed in a hostel during college and it all changed. But I think I still feel this way about chapsticks 🙂

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