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A little bit of sharing about my small and humble clothing business. As a fashion student and a severe shopaholic, my friends who have known me for a long time know that I always update what I wear in daily basis, known as #OOTD of Outfit of The Day posts through my Instagram and other social media platforms. Some people always ask me where do I get this and that, so I finally decided to open up a brand called Unfairytaleme – having an inspiration that nobody is really flawless and has a body goal according to the life’s fashion catwalk standard, so I tend to design and create something all sized and fit to every body type, affordable and yet chic.

After a while of doing online business, I realise that Unfairytaleme is such an UN happy kind of vibe name for a brand, so I tend to be more positive by changing the brand into Something Good and opened up an offline store. People can try one everything and see the products themselves. I still think that buying off line is more trusted and fulfilling. But, if you want to check out the Instagram feel free to tap in .

So, build rebuild, brand rebrand. And finally, it’s here. Here’s the glimpses. Hope to see you here soon !

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