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On Being Independent

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“Hey, S, have you been travelling all by yourself all this time?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Wow, that’s very… well.. do you get lonely and not knowing what to do?”

“Nope. My feet will eventually take me places, I will eventually find out places to check out and hang out, I can shop a bit and I’ll meet new friends along the way. Some of the friends are all over the world. So I can have more and more friends in every corner of the globe. Why do you ask?”

“I just… I can’t even go to Jakarta alone. I think I can go places with friends, but not like… alone.”

“Babe, a lot of westerners doing it. People from all around the world are doing it. People from Box Town, well the lucky ones will do it. You should do it.”

“Isn’t it weird to get brunch, lunch or dinner alone? To go to like… say… a beach club alone?”

“No. I will tan, I will sleep, I will read. I will eat. What’s the point. It’s like relaxing time, me time, a time from me for me. It’s like a time for self love. You know.”

That sums up my conversation with one of my dear friend, who’s actually friendlier and has more friends than I am. To have that lack of confidence travelling and see what’s out there ? It’s such a loss in life.

The way I see it, I thing girls ( well in my Box Town at least ) tend to gang up and then they are bold and brave enough to do things. All of them. In a group. Rather than doing it alone. Like travelling, or bitching and bullying.

When it comes across to face one another one by one, they will cramped up in their shells and run away. I’ve seen this scenario so many times. Some girls tend to talk bad about people behind their backs, even the ones they don’t even know, and then one day they face one another and the bitch just stand there, gawking and too confuse and too scared to say something.

Lessons learned in my 30s. I have my way through life to travel and meet people from all over the world and to learn to be independent. But I always remember to come home. To have such a boldness and bravery to go places myself is such an honour in life, to have such experiences and chances. I have my Mom to thank, because just by that one little step, I’m independent.

Glimpses of – again – Hong Kong !

Be independent and don’t be scared to be alone. We need people, partners and families. But sometimes, you just got to have the courage to be alone.

Love, S.

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