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Painful Progress ( instagram ) Dress – unbranded Slogan Bag Strap – VALENTINO bag – ADIDAS x RAF SIMONS velcro straps sneakers

It had occurred to me during yoga this morning when I was doing the downward facing dog movement that in every progress – I believe, Pinterest boards and quotes believe – that there is a beauty hidden inside it. But believe me, some progress are indeed very very painful.

When I started to do yoga, I was in pain. Let alone doing cat curl, doing everything basic hurts me to my muscle core. I constantly think and rethinking about giving up during every session. But with my mind and soul into it and I want to train and master it as it is a very beautiful both inside and out training, I keep on pushing through and somehow I end up in the middle of mastering the small movements and trying to learn the harder stuff. At the end of the day, I love yoga. I’m addicted to yoga. Somedays, it kills me, other days, I push through and proud of myself. So yes, some progress are painful indeed, but if I can make it, the feeling is unspeakably beautiful. I feel awesome.

So yoga is one thing. Life is other thing. Some progress in life might not be as beautiful as enjoying the perks along the way. But I believe when you trust yourself enough and you want it badly enough, everything anything in this world no matter what, you will and you can achieve it !

Speaking of which, Hong Kong glimpses people !

VALENTINO window display – AMAZED !
Hysterical Glamour – just like in Gwen’s Stefani’s song.
Harbour view at night – isn’t it gorgeous and romantic ?

So yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m writing in my yoga pants and eating yoghurt and fruit. What’s for your lunch ?

Love, S.

The Blue Butcher – best dinner I’ve had in Hong Kong, steak on point, staff on point –

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