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Keep It Simple : Scroll or Listen

It just came to realisation to me yesterday that when it comes to blogging and having a website, it’s much more than reading the contents. Sometimes, people just want to scroll down and looking through some photos rather than reading the whole story. I visited one of Indonesia’s famous fashion bloggers who lives in Switzerland in the present and looking through her previous posts, it’s not just about the writings. Some days, she just posts photos and outfit details, sometimes it’s just writing, sometimes it’s both. So it really does open my horizon a little more. Sometimes people need more, sometimes people need less. And being an old grand ma that I am, I’m so old school I don’t know how to work you tube channels. Haha.

Same as with life, when some friends come to you and looking for comfort. She or he may be telling you about some things and sometimes all you must do is just to say nothing, be there, and listen. Sometimes people don’t really need you to say something. They just need the comfort and attention. They just need a friend in order not to feel so alone.

So, probably in the future when I’m feeling it or just having a writer’s block, my photos will come to salvations. Same thing when a friend comes to me and I don’t know what to do or say. I’ll just be there and listen, and be good at it.

Here’s some photos that I gathered from Hong Kong. Wearing my comfortable off shoulder pink and white stripes buttoned down dress and a yellow mustard satin headband from ZARA, yellow BALENCIAGA bag and a pair of velcro straps RAF SIMONS x STAN SMITH sneakers. There are a lot to see in Hong Kong, especially the fashion too ! I really do love the visual merchandisings and mannequins displays.

Pink is dominating this post, isn’t it. Well, it’s sinless. LOL.

Happy Weekend Peeps ! Love, S xx.

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