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Superstition and Belief

If you ever visit Indonesia or Bali specifically, you will find that my country is filled in with the richness of religions, beliefs, cultures and traditions. Some are highly interesting, some are highly weird, but everything is in this kind of spiritually miraculous attractive ways.

One thing tickled me down to the core several days ago.

I was with my Mom and driver back from Jakarta to Box Town, we were in the high way when our manual white SUV car somehow lost its power and being bumpy several times. My driver said that he tried to step on it and make the car run, but it was like something was holding it back. I was like, great, we were in the middle of the night and would my other driver need to pick us up halfway from Box Town. Or even my Dad ?

Me and my Mom kept on talking about mechanical car thingy when my driver threw a really loud prayer. There was nothing wrong with that, BUT he said, ” It’s the highway ghost, the one that was killed by an accident or something, this ghost wants to come on the ride way back home to Box Town. ” Me and my Mom looked at each other.

Me, I don’t do ghost stories. I hate them. I don’t like things that scare me to be around me. Mom, being a super logic person, doesn’t believe in things like that. And we are both a really strong Christian. But ghost stories are different things. We just don’t do them.

Long story shorts, arriving back home, my driver said. ” It’s still here, I’ll take this one home. ” I was left gawking and my Mom just rolled her eyes. Still on the ghost thingy, my head said.

I have nothing against superstitions and beliefs. But sometimes, people tend to exaggerated things and make it into a big deal. If there is a ghost, yeah so ? If there isn’t, there isn’t. Some stories are scary, creepy but some others are tauntingly funny. Which one do you believe?

I’d rather have my driver SSSHHHH and move on with life. In this world.

There are also several other beliefs like : when you’re a girl ( read : virgin ), you shouldn’t stand in the doorway, it will later suffer you to find a guy – well logically you’re just blocking everyone’s way. Or other is you shouldn’t wash your hair after giving birth for 40 days ( HELLO WHAT ? ) or that you shouldn’t whistle in the middle of the night it will attract ghost ( um, silent please, people are trying to sleep ). And some others. Come to Indonesia, I’ll tell ya. Haha.

Let’s get back to logic.



Speaking of which, wearing this linen embroidered dress, bohemian style with stripe espadrilles from ZARA and VALENTINO bag.

Happy days ahead and just enjoy, whatever stories come our way. They enrich our brains ? Oh well!!! Love, S.

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