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As we grow up and older, the relationship between us and our parents are depend on us and on us only. Some people tend to leave their homes and embark upon new adventures filled with new friends and experiences. Sometimes, those fun times and good new people take them away from where they once belong : HOME.

I, too, leave home for real when I was 18 on study purpose. I started out living in Singapore chasing my dream in the design world. Some days, I forgot to text back my Mom saying how my day had go and how she was doing. They came to visit once in a while and I got to spend time with them. I never think further than just keeping my relationship with her on the go and continuous routine, without rethinking about the love and affection.

I’m home a lot lately, because I’ve been feeling tired and unwell. So I can work really close to her and go places with her. As my friends are mostly overseas, my only best friend is kind of just my Mom. Then, it hits me like crazy, where have I been all this long, not seeing her sacrifice and love even from the littlest thing ?

We went to Surabaya for a weekend getaway last week. She let me choose the hotel, transportation and even which restaurant I want to visit and she shrugged off the ones she really wanted to try. She shared some food that I ordered even when she didn’t quite like them, because she knew how curious I was about that particular dish. She let me buy things more expensive than the ones she bought, and she didn’t let me open my own purse to buy the things that I want. People might say, that is a parent obligation. But more than that, I see the love and sacrifice she is making from the littlest thing.

Even back when I was a fresh graduate, unemployed, didn’t know what I would do with life, she still let me go around vacations saying that I’m still young, I’ll come around. And yes, because I realise how much she loves me, I’m coming around at the end.

It’s as simple as letting me have the last bite of cake or the last bit of M&M.s. Sometimes, we are blinded by a whole new picture and the bling of the future and our new life, that somehow we leave home behind and never look back. We don’t realise that there will always be eyes on our back, loving ones, looking proud of us even when we don’t look back. The love will always be there, even when we forget to love back.

I have another dream to go abroad. But I guess, I let 2019 keep me home and be with the ones I love, especially Mom. People say that it’s stupid to put your dreams on hold. But for love like that, a year won’t hurt.

Love the ones who love you, sacrifice things for you even the little ones, recognise them, look deeper. Appreciate and love them back when there’s still time and not too late.

Beautiful amazing sky and God’s Grace to see this view. I was on a plane ride home when I was thinking about this post. Mellow feeling, isn’t it ?

Wearing ZARA poplin ruffles detail dress with buttoned down pearls detail, VALENTINO bag with unbranded leather slogan strap, high top CONVERSE ALL STARS sneakers and a ZARA MAN headband. Accessorising myself randomly from local markets accessories from Bali.

Until next post guys ! I’m going for a coffee date with Mom.

Love, S.

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