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Songs as Dreadful Task Boosters

With Back at One – Brian McKnight singing in the background, I am writing this post from my car, doing my regular routine of city hopping from Box Town to Jakarta, the capital city and business centre of Indonesia. I was inspired to write about dreadful tasks. You know, that things you need to work on, but you’re too lazy to do them or not in the right mood doing them. So easier thing to do is to avoid them, let them be and putting them off.

Well, I guess that sooner of later you will have to do them, whether you’re waiting for a hundred years for them. Like probably, tidying up your messy garage, redecorating your messy room, folding your mounts of clothes scattered in your bed room and so on. For me, I think the sooner is the better. When you do your dreadful tasks first, you will see that the worst part that you have to do is over and then comes along easier parts. Well, it’s not just about task. But any other things in life.

My suggestion is, whatever it is you have to do, put on some nice songs, your favourite ones to boost your mood up. Songs are effectively a simple mood booster. When you sing along, sway along doing your task. Well, it might be still a difficult thing to do. But at least, you have a little push to do it – might well as be your favourite song. Mellow ones or upbeat ones, depending on what you are facing.

Slipping in my outfit details, I am wearing a Justin Bieber merchandise shirtdress from H&M paired with a slip espadrilles sandals from ZARA, bag strap from unbranded local store and a VALENTINO sling bag. Paired up with pom pom earrings and latte in hand, I am so ready to face those tasks ahead of me.

Play your soundtrack of life. See if it might works, guys.

Love, S.

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