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Another Day in Bangkok

Sunny, with a chance of busy people walking around amongst friendly chatters, cut in with the buzz of cars and other transportation speeding up and scattered around in traffic jam. That’s another day in Bangkok, Thailand.

As a morning person, I always wake up earlier and dress up to stroll around the city taking photos for my social media contents or to hunt down hidden gems and unexpected finds. Starting the day, I usually choose something usual and ordinary but delicious for breakfast – or sometimes brunch.

A Subway roasted chicken wrapped up in a whole wheat bun with extra cheese and two kinds of sauce is my favourite, downed with a venti hot latte from Starbucks. After I get myself fuelled with energy from the delicious food and caffeinated by the latte, I would be ready to go.

Bangkok is filled in with random unique finds anytime anywhere and you can literally find anything here. The high and exclusive brands always have a beautiful window display worthy of looking. Shopping malls are filled with varied brands with varied price range. It is a truly shopaholic paradise.

Food ? Not to worry. From the already affordable and delicious local food such as Pad Thai or oyster eggs, to international food like Paella, dessert from the coconut and mango flavoured ice cream to cakes and other sweets, you will find it. It is easy to find everything and as almost everybody knows English, a rookie traveller can travel easily here. Travel for beginners ? Bangkok is one of your answers.

It’s always great to travel in style and with a friend who can photograph well. In this case, I have a travel buddy slash best friend who’s always been a great companion for travelling – thank God. We always take each other’s photos and randomly doing an adventure. Choose your buddy, pick out a destination, and please do WANDER.

In this post, I’m wearing a backless ZARA TRF floral dress in bright patterns paired up with high top all white CONVERSE All Stars sneakers. With my versatile BALENCIAGA bag worn as a sling bag with unbranded slogan bag strap, I also put on my supersized ruffled detail statement sunglasses. Hair in a top bun and going a little bit girly.

Love, S.

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