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Soul Fresheners

Just like air and breaths, our souls need fresheners. People spend certain amount of time and energy to invent such things as fresheners for air, breaths and so on. The knowledge of creating fresheners are among those things, but do we realise that our souls need those too ?

When our weekdays are spent working hard, doing high intensity work outs and sports, training ourselves like crazy, diets or any regimes that you are in, you feel like you are striving and you don’t really need a break or days off. But you know, it will make you quite fed up with everything and at the end of the day you will feel like you have more than enough and the risk of quitting everything that you’re doing at the moment is higher rather than taking some time to rest in between.

Once, I was doing a keto diet, I was so determined that at the end of the week I never take myself on cheat meals even when my coach says so. After some time, I was so fed up, I quit all together and gained some weights. Lessons learned.

Another time, I was so determined on doing yoga, I did training almost everyday. My body got really bloated because I was too tired and restless. I didn’t look better and firm at all because my body didn’t get the rest it needed and my feeling of exhaustion consumed me into everything else that I was doing.

Other things like working too hard without laying everything off on weekend and just spend the day chilling and doing nothing gets into my head too and it makes me less motivated facing Monday. I get bored with what I do and I feel like somehow I end up uninspired.

So, when I feel like I’m getting fed up with whatever it is that I’m doing, I decide to go somewhere and enjoy a vacation. Whether it’s overseas or just around, I always lay off those things that’s been consuming me too much – like work. I decide to indulge on some food outside of my diet regime and just enjoy it. I don’t work out. I just live and enjoy the moment on my vacation, every bit of it. Even doing nothing and being lazy.

Every time I got myself refreshed like that, I always come back stronger and motivated when my time of rest is finally done. I always work harder, faster and my diet doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I got more energised during work outs. Everything is better and more productive.

So to hard workers everywhere, I feel ya. But sometimes, you just got to take some days off and enjoy life. Be lazy, eat good food, go shopping, be present on your off days. Trust me, you’ll need them once in a while.

A little weekend getaway with a friend to Bangkok, Thailand. Filled up with eating local delicacies, shopping, window shopping and walk around with great talks and superb laughters. And guess what ? I killed yoga and worked my ass off plus eating better since 6am this morning !

Speaking of outfit details, I’m wearing a shirt in asymmetric cut with long strap details that can go around my waist and tied up in anyway I like and oriental pattern printed trousers both from ZARA with low top CONVERSE PLAY sneakers by COMME DES GARCONS. With my versatile mini BALENCIAGA bag and top knot bun, accessorised in oversized unbranded sunglasses and hoop earrings with black marbles detail, I’m walking with confidence in stylish comfort.

Til next time !


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