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The Power of Being Nice

You know, they all say that your circumstances determine who you really become. In this case, I agree. When you surround yourself with positive minded people, you will end up being that bubbly person with cheerfulness inside you, great spirits and motivations. You will see the world as a great place for adventures and you will embrace the future, as you will see it as bright opportunities coming your way. It is a great energy, and I guarantee that everything you will say to people will be filled up with uplifting encouragements.

When you are surrounded by negative people, they will eventually get to your nerves and affect your confidence. With dreadful feelings and no determination, you will find yourself fearful of the future and hopeless. The world as you will see it will be such a dark place with nothing to look forward to. You will find yourself discourage and everything you will say to people will be either a sarcastic comment or something that will bring people down. Eventually, people will keep their distance with you. Nobody wants to be around somebody who is not pleasant, right ?

Meeting up with others who you rather rarely see will make you a little sensitive of what differences and changes that person has gone through. Whether it is a hair colour, a lost or gained weight, a change of fashion style or others. It could be anything. As a human being, we tend to track down the negativities first rather than the positivities.

A little while ago, somebody bumped into my Mom and she literally said, ” Hey ! Long time no see ! Have you gained weight ? You are bigger than you used to be ! “. I was like, are you freaking kidding me ? That is not such a nice thing to say. People gain weight. Big deal. Humans come in a lot of shapes and sizes and it continuously changing. I find it rude and harsh to comment on such things, especially from one woman to another. And guess what ? This woman has several doctoral titles. But I think words that she is saying is far from a picture of well educated woman.

Train yourself to see the good in people. Try compliment people. Not lying, but seeing better. Like when you run into your long lost buddy and say, ” Hey, you look great ! That sweater looks nice on you ” or ” Hey, long time ! You look a lot fresher and fitter than you used to be ! “. It will be so nice to have somebody saying positive things to you when you have not seen them for a while, right ?

So try it. It is great to be nice to people. You will feel great for throwing such a great vibe and making others happy, and the recipient of your niceness will be happy too. It is a win win and you will make a world such a much better place ! Why not ?

So being nice is more than just “BEING NICE”. It is such a simple act with great power lays upon it. It is such a simple act, yet people tend to wave it off like it does not matter. It matters.

Spread niceness. It pays off.

Love, S.

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