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Bangkok Regular

They all say, “Eat well, travel often.” When you are young, in your late 20s and entering the early 30s, life is serious but not so much and you got chances to go globe hopping here and there, why not ? Either it’s the nearest of the farthest, spread your footprints across the globe. There’s always cherished times of wanders and getting lost.

As Bangkok is one of my favourite travel destinations, people always ask me. Why. As simple as it is, I love to eat. Either it’s those snacks on Seven Eleven, local food and many more up until fine dining. I love to experience things. Lucky enough, I only have one allergy : towards lambs – and that’s not a problem. Anything else ? Bring it.

My flight to Bangkok has always been one of those afternoon flights. I always hate the hectic hustling before a flight. I like to check on my things first, relax and go through a journey. It’s always great to have a relax start before travelling somewhere.

Going with Garuda Indonesia and landing on Suvarnabhumi International Airport of Bangkok, Thailand in late afternoon, I always welcomed with the over crowded Bangkok immigration queues. Sometimes, on my lucky days, there are barely people there. But when it’s on weekends, gees, you need to be patient. No worries, everything good and sunshine as long as I arrive safe and sound.

My first stop for dinner has always been the one and only : Tom Yum Gong Soup with white rice. One of my favourite place to get this dish is at Yum Saap, located in Siam Centre One. The tangy and spicy soup is always fresh from the humble restaurant, filled with a generous amount of various fresh seafood in one warm and mouth watering hearty bowl. Craving for an authentic Thai’s iconic dish is always satisfied here.

There are a lot of Yum Saap Restaurant branches scattered around Bangkok, Thailand, so can just turn on your google and see which one you would like to visit. My favourite is the one at Siam, because it’s in the centre of the city and after dinner you can just stroll around for some shopping and snack hunting.

Travelling with a friend always involve late night talks and snacks, so my stop before getting myself cosy in the hotel is the Seven Eleven. With Thai yakult drink, milk and some chips to sum up my eating diary on my first day, I always sleep happy and ready to trot my way around the city the next day.

Visit Bangkok, Thailand, and see for yourself why I love it so much.

Love, S.

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