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Just a Regular OOTD Post

Just a regular afternoon in Box Town for an afternoon coffee stop OOTD or the infamous Outfit of The Day post. Wearing a TOPSHOP embroidered white shirt that somehow has a country feel in it paired up with embroidered denim shorts. The most convenient bag for me would be my CELINE luggage as it fits everything that I need for day to day essentials and my ultimate sneakers pick is CONVERSE PLAY by Comes Des Garcons – they finished my whole look. Effortless casual stylish yet comfortable.

Speaking of which, I read a quote from Pinterest today. It is said that the best revenge for your haters is to be extremely happy. Well, I think it is so true. When somebody hates you, it kills them to see you smile. So, decide today that you will be smiling all the time – no matter what.

Love, S.

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