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Petite Cupcake

Being only 163cm tall, I’ve always been the kind of girl from the petite category. Having no good relationship with high heels, I tend to create an illusion of myself being taller than I actually am. Plus, I work out and I have tones and muscles, especially on my weak part which are : my legs a.k.a my thighs. So, I have to explore my style, how to lengthen my height and also how to make my chunky thighs look smaller.

It helps to wear mini dress. Never afraid to wear minis. Choose the loose cut mini dress or the A-line ones. Most of the dresses I got from TOPSHOP got altered into shorter length. They make my legs longer somehow, just make sure they’re not too tight if you’re a bit chunky like me.

Secondly, with mini dresses, you can wear light coloured high top sneakers. They look like a pair of mini boots somehow and it would not swallow your height even more than regular boots.

In this photo, I’m wearing a jacquard printed A line mini dress with V-neck cut from my local brand ( instagram ) which costs at only 25 USD, a pair of unbranded statement earrings in a shape of a flower and a pair of high top CONVERSE ALL STARS sneakers in white and nude cream GIVENCHY handbag.

I look taller than I actually am and more slender.

Hope this post can help you all out there, my petite sisters !

With lots of love, S.

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