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Black Mini, Embroideries, Latte Fix

One of the best moment in life is tasting the first sip of a hot latte on a rainy Sunday morning. The warm liquid filling in your cold stomach and in a sec you will get your daily caffeine dose fixed. The taste of velvety fresh milk and bitterness of coffee intertwined into a cup of love. Well, that is how much I appreciate one good cup of latte.

It would never hurt to go out morning time in style, right ? And I always love to wear sneakers sure enough for a relax and a chill hang outs, just casual – enjoying my morning turning into an afternoon, dating my latte with a book in hand or just lost in my own thoughts. It is said that no matter how you feel, get up, dress up and never give up. Well, we have to dress up a little bit no matter where we go, even if it is just grabbing a gum to the mini market down the street. You will never know who you will bump into.


When I found this pretty ZARA black mini dress with crochet, ruffle, white flowers embroidery, I feel happy. The details are a lot, but really suitable for a casual hang outs and I can pair them with my high top CONVERSE Play by Comes Des Garcons. When I put the whole outfit together, somehow the sneakers look like a low top light coloured boots. They give the outfit a statement. Putting on my statement earrings in a broken white colour and white marble detail, I finished my look with my ultimate versatile BALENCIAGA hand bag that can also be worn as a sling bag.

Well, my look went well with the background and the plants surrounding this one particular coffee shop in Box Town right? LOL.

Being only 163cm tall and having myself to be loathing high heels, I always make an illusion of myself to be a little taller by wearing mini dresses or mini skirts and high top sneakers. Somehow, the trick lengthen my legs and of course, pose sideways or walking guys ! LOL.

Anyway, that is my Sunday outfit pick to go out and grab a latte for a start. Then, the day followed. And never forget to be happy.

Love, S.

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