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Quirky Bomb

Most girls in this world love pastel colours. They produce the essence of calm, serene, sweet and cute girly-ness. For me, pastel colours are delicate and if you style them wrong, you will end up pale and dull. We wouldn’t want that, would we ?

Some of the TOPSHOP products I bring home with can be categorised to have a girly style to them. But being a TOPSHOP item, each one has an edge to it or if styled right, you will end up with a whole edgy, eye catching, strong look. Sometimes, you’ll end up fashionably quirky. Which is what I’ve found myself in when I played around with some soft colours and what people can consider as girly material.

This TOPSHOP printed bomber jacket I suppose is one of my most favourite jackets. All pink, soft and fluffy, it has a Japanese style print on it. The thickness doesn’t really bother me because they happen to layer the inside with spandex that feels cool and friendly into my skin. Talk about one of those comfy jacket. The jacket itself is a popping statement, despite from the girly colours and pastel coloured print.

With the jacket being merry, I paired it up with a see through dress, also from TOPSHOP. The material is a soft grey tulle with stretchy soft cami in the shorter length as a layer inside.

Finishing off the whole look with my hair up in top bun, statement earrings that dangle almost to my shoulder in floral shapes in gold, silver and white, plus my VALENTINO rock stud sling bag in nude cream and my high top all white CONVERSE All Stars sneakers.

It IS indeed a little bit of a complicated look, I suppose. But you should play around once in a while, right ? A little quirky with everything probably. But, as long as it looks good, why not.

Love, S.

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