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Newbie Start Up Manners : Local Branding and Image

Being introduced into fashion early in life by my uber fashionable Dad, I always have fashion scored in my heart and soul. My love for fashion will never ever change and whatever size I will become, I will always make everything work. I will always try to walk this life in style and look my best, wherever I go, whatever I do.

Being in love in fashion and trying to make money out of it, I started up this ready to wear, clothing brand called Unfairytaleme. Having inspirations of fashion being for everyone and nobody is picture perfect like in the fairytale stories, I want to create something that everybody can wear with confidence, shapes and sizes, styles and of course, approachable and affordable.

Knowing fashion by heart since I was a kid doesn’t mean that starting up a business is easy. Trials and errors, design and redesign, defect products, sizing issues, marketing, everything is a learning process. Building up something from zero is not as easy as I think. So after years of experiencing and progressing, my small local brand company has made it and the team I have made settled on one name : SOMETHING GOOD. It sends positive message of delivering goodies to our customers with good attitude, and hopefully making them feel good in our products.

We participate in events to introduce our brands. Every time there is something, we always try to get ourselves in. Direct interactions with our customers are totally different from the cyber space and chats from our online social media account, there we learn how to represent ourselves and our brand.

  1. Good manners will take you far. It doesn’t matter whether the customers will buy your products or at the end of the day they will only trying out a lot and walk out with nothing. Always serve each and every one of them like they’re going to spend million bucks on you. Early self image is really important. Serving every customer with patience, kind smile and friendliness. Take everything seriously. You’ll never know if they will come back with a bunch of friends and choose your brand rather than your next door booth selling out better products but they are less care than you are.
  2. Always dress up and look fashionable and stylish. When your customers approach you or people passing by and they’re looking at you, you will represent your brand without even have to explain. Looking good yourself and pleasing your future customers eyes are one of the consideration of their trust for spending their money on your brand

And this one for yourself, if you’re participating in an event, choose a comfortable footwear. It will make you feel better when you need a lot of walking and standing up. Choose the classic one that goes with all of your outfit, or choose the fun one.

Always make friends with everyone. Never treat everyone like they’re your competitions. Saying less about the detail of your brand is one thing. But spread kindness.

Love, S.

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  1. A great post! I’ve always wanted to start my own business and face all the challenges that come with it – congrats on making such progress and I’m wishing you all the best of luck in the future! Your tips are great, it always always pays off to be nice to everyone and dress the part x

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