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Playing The Victim

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When it comes to hurt and pain, everybody always think that they are the one being hurt, the protagonist needs saving, while the other person is the antagonist, the evil one, the one on the dark side. I am right, you are wrong. You hurt me. And that’s that. People plant this into their minds, self pitying themselves, without even thinking to consider the different perspective.

I have a friend who I care about deeply. We hang out and we talk a lot. I can say that this friend is one of the closest from my inner circle of friendship. I always love to hang out with him, up until lately, I don’t know what’s going on, he keeps on being ultra sensitive. If I’m not replying, I’m too busy and I hurt him. When he’s too busy, I say nothing and understanding and that’s okay. Even with a simple thing like not replying a text can set up a fire and a text bombing or byes, you don’t care, you’re too busy and so on.

The attack is not only that. He always updates something on his IG stories and gives sarcastic comments. It’s like all the good things evaporate and everything turns sour and evil. He always thinks that people left him and it’s okay, when they need him, they will return. Wrong.

When you’re being an ultra sensitive person, everything wrong into your life gets into an update on your social media, it’s never okay. If you’re thinking that you’re the victim, think again. You’re only self pitying yourself, without even thinking what you’re doing to others. If you’re being this kind of person, who wants to be your friend ? If you’re keep on complaining, who can stand being there 24/7 ? A saint ? Or an angel ?

Later on, I can only realise that age is just a number and being a grown up doesn’t have to be age-related. This friend is actually older than I am, and he’s being childish. Like a kid looking into the window of a candy store throwing tantrum because his Mom doesn’t give him what he wants. And he thinks his Mom is being mean.

If you’re not easy to be around with once in a while, you’re okay. Nobody’s perfect. It’s a good friend’s job to be understanding. But if you’re keep on being like that all day everyday, being sarcastic, being mean, being ultra sensitive, who would stand being around you ? It’s not people’s faults. It’s you, to be honest. People will walk away eventually.

It’s only a little while before that he talks bad about his other best friend, ranting. When later on I’m only finding out that he’s being mean about me on social media and tagging this friend he’s been talking about with me. Well, I know for sure he’s throwing tantrum about me now behind my back. Such a friend.

So I guess that’s life. If you want people to appreciate you, stop pointing to people and point to yourself. It’s not people. Maybe it is YOU from the start.

Just a though, babes, x.

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