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The Magic of The Impossibles

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A little girl draws an elephant. The elephant somehow has wings and flying between the night sky. The crescent moon is giving a half smile amongst the stars. And guess what ? The colour of the elephant is pastel pink with a splattered of gold glitters. Such a beautiful dream and a pure, innocent imagination from a child. Limitless dream, limitless image, limitless capability, limitless horizon. Unstoppable creations, a helpless believe.

When we were kids we tend to dreams. What would we be when we grow up. Will we be doctors, supermodels or pilots. Such things as what occupations we would have in the future or simpler things like what would we be doing. Would we be a billionaire’s wives that won’t be doing anything except charity works, travelling the world and make the world our work space, or would we be that free artist, wearing a black beret looking chic painting nearby the Eiffel Tower.

As kids, what pictures we have in our brains are endless. Growing up, people around us tend to snatch them away, one by one, little by little. When we paint the elephant pink, the grown ups will tell us that there are no elephants in pink colours in the world. When we dream the more impossible things to achieve, people tend to tell us we are imagining things, that such things will never happen. When we want to jump up to the other side of the world, they tend to hold us to where we are, to try to convince us to just be where we be and work with what we already have. They crush our dreams without tending to be. They mean no harms sometimes, but as people gather around us telling us this is impossible, this will never work, our confidence gets lower and our dreams get shattered. Then we forget what we once were, a limitless unstoppable kid with a capability to reach the impossible.

Sometimes all we need to do is just to shut all the voices out there, to shut all of them and just focus on ourselves, what we believe in. To confide in ourselves and not to think about what others may say or have said. To believe that miracles happen, the impossibles take places everyday in the universe. What we think would never be, happens. It never hurts to believe in impossible things, to have faith, to believe in magic one more time. Because, why not, those things people lose faith in, may happen.

Once in a while, be like a kid again. Be what once you were. An innocent, pure limitless naive kid, with the horizon wide open, faith stretched out and never ending hopes and dreams.

Who knows ? You might make people’s mouths drop open of whatever impossible happens to yourself.

Love, S.

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