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Home + Living = BALIVIBE

No filter needed whatsoever. That is the magic of the Bali sun. Or, well, that is what I am believing in. Ha.

If you happen to travel and end up here, then strolling down Seminyak street, drop a visit to KimSoo. Located in the middle of the quieter part of the street, the place provide a home and living store with a cafe next door. With all white walls and exotic Bali vibe, the scent of aromatherapy and neutral colours for both the interior and exterior of the place, you will find this place homey and welcoming once you come inside. The staff for both the store and cafe are also friendly locals who will greet you hi and how are you.

KimSoo is actually a must-post instagram-able place for Indonesian tourists. So don’t be surprise if you spot people having their photos taken here and there in every corner. Not too worry, it is not a busy packed up place. The price is affordable and the products they are selling are quite varied. It is worth a visit and worth a bit of money spending.

This is quite a place for home and living, handcrafted products lovers. For the cafe itself, they serve beautiful selection of tasty cakes and coffees. The cafe closes in the afternoon while the store opens a tiny bit longer.

From lamps and lightings, art pieces, tassels, fabrics, curtains, throws, pillows, cutleries, plates or even bags, you will spot a lot of handmade handcrafted goodies from natural sources. All in great conditions and handled with gentle care. Once purchased, the staff will wrap the products for you carefully. All made with love, deliver with love.

You will find similar products scattered around the streets of Bali, but KimSoo products are surely having themselves in a slightly higher quality. You will find yourself panicking over all the products, because they are all so gorgeous.

Drop a visit there or check out their instagram at @kimsoohome !

PS. Check out my previous post for some photos that I took at KimSoo ( Home and Its Bound : Clicked ).

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