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For The Good Old Days

T-Shirt and Embroidered Denim Shorts : TOPSHOP – Bag : VALENTINO – Sneakers : High Top CONVERSE PLAY by COMME DES GARCONS

Some people tend to hold on to something that brings them great memories. Something that makes them look back, smile and hope that they can somehow make the universe intertwine with the past and relive those memories one more time. Either it is a moment, person or a thing.

My Mom once had this classic white VW beetle car when she was young. She drove them everywhere. When I was born and it was time for me to come home from the hospital, we used that same particular car. As the time went by and the car was getting old, my Mom’s needs changed, she finally let go of the car and moved on. But up until today, in her heart, that one classic white VW beetle car would always be special. It was a different kind of special because it went through some memory lanes with whatever was happening to her life in her younger days. Some things in this world tend to be our reminders of the good old days.

Recently, my Dad bought her a classic black VW beetle car, a true original vintage from either the 1960s or 1980s, I forgot I’m so sorry, but the point is : it is old, it is vintage, it IS indeed gorgeous. She loved the car, but I know she doesn’t really feel the same way with that one particular car she used to have.


I think old things bring back memories. Some people love to buy and wear vintage clothes not just because of the fashion but the mystery behind them. Who wore them, where they wore them, whatever they have been through. These things are the witness of history to someone. They are considered as classic and collectible items.

Dress : ZARA – Bag : FENDI – Shoes : TOPSHOP

For my own memorable car would be the hot jeep on my left from the photo above. I was so nervous the first time I was learning how to drive, therefore my Dad came up with one brilliant idea. He said I could use his special Jeep because it would never matter whatever I would bump into, the car was so strong, it would all be okay. Then as my confidence gained up and snatching one of my best friends, I could drive smoothly in three days. Long story short, my Dad let me drive the Jeep and keep it, so I was this girly fashion student in the bad ass jeep. It drove people from my university nuts ! So, my Jeep is getting older, but it’s still sitting there in front of my house. With recoverable problems and even if something strikes and it can never move ever again, I will keep it. Him for me. I will keep him.

My weakness is for old books. When fashion is of course my fashion, I bought some vintage clothing once but they were too delicate for somebody like me – HAHA – so I could not really take care of the materials. But they were so cute and special. Anyway. I love old books because of the yellowing pages, the wrinkly edges and sometimes the previous owner wrote something down. It made me imagined how once the books were new, freshly published, where they had been, who were the previous owner were. It was like a simple connection to a stranger in the past. My Mom said the books are clearly a source of millions germs and she tried to convince me to imagine how we would never know where the hands of the previous owners had been before they touched those pagers. Nice try, Mom. But I love them anyway. One of my favourite vintage bookstores is located in Ubud, the books are very well preserved and the smell of books are really strong in the air we breathe. I forgot the name but I’ll have a rain check.


So I guess, something as simple as a book, a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or a car could bring back big memories for some people. And sometimes, something so small means so much more, more than wealth. Something that money can never actually buy.

Love, S.

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