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The Little Perks Along The Way

Every one of us has goals. Whether you set up several goals in a time or just focus on one first then attack the others. Achieving dreams, whether they are the big ones or small ones, just like mostly everything else in this life : need progress. It takes time and we have to go through some phases. Some things may be produced as instant as fast food, some greater things are not.

When we set up a goal, like probably losing 40 pounds to look smaller and leaner. It will never goes out like you are eating nothing for seven days plus spending 6hours straight in the gym and then bam, you lost 40 pounds. 40 pounds and losing weight is a hard work. Some people tend to do halfway, then after several bumps in the road, like probably they get more tired with the work outs, or their bodies got into a phase where your weights are just stuck, they tend to give up and sulk. But guess what, they should notice that probably they are a lot fitter, fresher, they have better skin and they take the stairs up better without panting like they used to be. Noticing the progress along the way help us to be grateful and stay consistent with that one goal that awaits us to be achieved.

When we want to hike a mountain, we tend to look up and our focus is just to get through all the walks and just get on top. Sometimes we forget to stop by and admire the waterfalls on the right because we just want to rush up there. Sometimes we forget to look down and see all the beautiful colourful flowers surrounding us. Sometimes we forget to just stop and take a breath, inhaling all the fresh air and looking into the greeneries surrounding us. The rare plants, the pebbles, the smell of the earth and the dew. Sometimes our focus is just to be on top, we forget how great the small things are scattered along the way. We are so focused on the big picture, we tend to forget all the little sparkles, the little specks.

It is almost like you have one problem, and when you focus on that one issue that bothers you, you forgot about your surroundings and you are living in your own bubble. Unaware of the good circumstances despite the problem that you are facing. Your family that supports you, your mom cooking your favourite dinner to make you feel better, your secure future and your loving friends. We lose our sights on the little things that actually matter to life.

So reach that goal of yours. Set one first, finish it and set another. While you are at it, never forget to notice the tiny specks, to enjoy the view and the ride. It is a matter of having your own goggle. Make sure it is worth your life a happiness.

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Speaking of which, dinner everyone ?

Happy weekend from Boxtown, S.

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