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Home and Its Bound : CLICKED

It is said that home is where your heart is. It does not matter where you were born, where your first home was, where your first family you are with as in your parents and your siblings settled down – your home, your heart, it is yours to decide.

Having my walks all around the globe and trotting everywhere, I surely find some places that make me feel like I never want to go, where I literally think I want to live there. There are several of them, but as dreams change and life changes, for now : I think I can settled in someplace – in a paradise called Bali.

Of course, it is always about the beautiful beach with its own kind of golden sunrise and pink sunset with the backdrop of endless blue sky. Of course it is always about the view, palm trees, ocean breeze and fresh coconut everywhere you go. But I think Bali has always been more than that.

I love that everywhere I go, you can bump into people from all around the world. Whether they are on holiday or settled in to work for a length of time there, you get to greet them, meet them, hang out with them, be friends and learn about the different cultures and traditions. It is a giant endless melting pot and sometimes people you meet along the way are more surprising than you have expected. You will end up being friends from people of the world and then your relations get bigger and your view gets wider.

It is about the friendly locals who greet you hi and smile at you, whether it is as simple as how are you or where are you coming from. With cafes and places decorated as tropical as it gets, the aromatherapy Bali scent, the sounds of Balinese traditional music or just plain chill jazz from around the world swaying on the background of every place that you go. Every little cafes, shops, beach clubs or any place has its own kind of scent, a truly Bali kind of scent.

Food wise, there are a lot of kinds according to your likings, range of prices that you can find. I tend to watch what I eat and I think I find the food that I would like to eat easily, I can request anyway that I like and people would do exactly according to my orders. In Boxtown, eating out is hard. I have to repeat everything exactly and sometimes they will turn down my requests. I think I rarely eat out in Boxtown. Finding a perfect source of good food with great quality of taste is really easy here. Sigh.

If you want to work out or just being active, it would be as simple as grabbing your running shoes and go to the beach. You can run and jog while getting yourself naturally tanned. Normally, I would not go to the gym but there are endless choices of gyms scattered in every area. With Cross Fit being in trends and yoga being the IT thing to do in Bali, you will find also places of those in every corner. Choose whichever you like. Bali provides everything you want, everything you need. Some people never want to work out in Bali and get as lazy as they can. There is nothing wrong with that of course. But my first ever real work out here is Cross Fit. THEN, I met all the people from the community and be friends with them. So healthy, so fit and super happy people. Well, when you look good, you feel good I guess. That is the glee.

You surely can find work here. You surely can just do nothing here. Everything is so well balanced here. I can work all day and still, finding where I am, I can still be really happy and grateful being there. No matter how tired I get. The only thing that you have to be really careful for is to not get carried away by the parties every night. You can party, but make sure you also work to provide for yourself and your life in the future. As I said before, balance it all out.

Mustard Headband, Dress, Shoes : ZARA – Bag : BALENCIAGA – Sunnies : FENDI

So yes, I can say that Bali is my home. It is a place where I can find paradise, a place where I can learn not to get carried away and find the balance between work and fun. A place where I get to be friends with people from around the world, the ones who stay and the ones who embark upon another adventure. A place where I can sit all day at the coffee shop, reading, working, doing nothing or meet new friends. A place where I can dress up or get into a no-make-up phase. Surely there are some bad days, but it is all better, because you are surround with positive energy and a land of paradise.

Not everyone fits to Bali. Some might find it not as beautiful as I do. But that is okay. Everyone has their own each cup of tea, right ? Being a tourist here is different with being a resident. Believe me. When you decide to stay and try to live here, all at once the picture changes. That picture fits me a lot better than just vacationers or holidayers. I know so.

I have been visiting the island since I was a little kid. I have been seeing this place transform from one part to another. I see that Kuta is really crowded and packed up, touristy, Bali first timers kind of thing and I never visit the area again because I can not really deal with the buzz and fuzz too much. I used to live in Seminyak last year and the people there are really nice. Everything is within reach. Then I moved to Canggu, I get to experience the quietness also experiencing the night outs and party scenes before they die down at exactly 12 at night, unless there are some events or something. When I need somewhere to clear my mind, I will jump across all the way to Ubud and find my peace there. When I need a new kind of sunset, I will go to Uluwatu or Sanur. So much parts in such a tiny dot in the universe.

I have spent so much time here in the past two years, I have met a lot of people and made so many friends from all over the world. The feeling ? It is so much more than happiness. I can not really explain but that is the best feeling in the world. Even when some moved away, we still talked via WhatsApp and it is so so great to get to hear from England, Australia, USA, Europe and so on. I am so grateful for my friends.

I think Bali is a promised land. A land where you can dream and see where it will take you. A place where people from outside the land got their hearts broken and find healings. A place where teenagers get to go on vacations and meet people. A place where people find work and finding themselves. A place to heal. All is in one meaning : a place so close to your heart and warms your heart so much, you see it as a home.

I do not know exactly where life will take me this year. But I think, I will remember this place as one thing : HOME.

Love, S.

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