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Two Different Views of Everything

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Some friends might find you funny while some others find you annoying. Some ex boyfriends recall you as the best they ever had, while some others try to make rumours that you are by far the worst bitch they ever dated. There are two different views of everything and guess what ? Those are not your calls to decide.

When we socialise and get ourselves into some relationships, we would want ourselves to be known as the good people, the ones with great deeds and left behind tracks of sweet memories when you are not around anymore in the future. Well guess what, no matter how much you are trying to be the protagonist in some stories, the outcome will not exactly what you would want it to be. Sometimes, the harder you try, the worse the result would become.

Good deeds. Bad deeds. Good people. Bad people. The world is whirling around us with human beings and interactions. We call one friend dull, we call the other one amazing. One person match into one particular group and just mismatch the others.

In one stage of life, I was worrying about this thing. The urge to fit in. To convince myself that I will be having good reputations of myself. Well, life is not that simple. Sometimes, it gets as plain as being somebody’s exes that the new person that replace your picture would see you as this big bad wolf, even when you two literally do not know each other. And guess what. The friends hate you too, eventually. Duh.

So, to simplify my life and freeing my mind from getting frazzled with unintended annoyance, I shut myself from the hates. People like me, good, I am happy. People hate me, okay, I can live with it. I will stay on this side : doing the right thing for me and others and hope for the best result wise. It is not like that I make no mistakes. I do. All the time, all my life. I am just a messed up human being. But if I make any mess, I will make up for it and do the right things. Trying to redeem myself by being better. If it is not good enough, again, I will do better. But for my own benefits. Making myself happy by doing the rights and doing the wrongs to the minimum percentage.

You can not make everybody in this world happy. But you can make some of them happy. And of course, you can make yourself happy. By trying to understand that there are two different views of everything, and sometimes, there is nothing you can do about it. Accept it. Live with it. Try to do better.

Love, S.

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