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Look Back Gratefully

T-Shirt and Jogger Pants : TOPSHOP – Sneakers : ADIDAS NMD – Bracelet : BOTTEGA VENETA
Top : UNBRANDED – Leggings : NIKE – Shoes : NIKE AIR JORDAN

People have a sense of sentimentality towards new year. In every end of the year, they will make plans, whether big ones or small ones. Traditionally, a new year is a special thing, big things for some of us. The younger we are, the more important it would feel. Being in my early 30s, I don’t see it quite that way, probably after 30 new years, it becomes something ordinary for me, another day passing by. A new page, a new resolution, a new dream can happen every day for me, either it’s the next day, the next week, the next month, we can have a clean blank page and tidy ourselves up. So when the clock ticks 12 yesterday, I was already bundled up in bed with my duvet and my AC on, curled up and comfortable.

I missed several video calls from my close friends, for those who celebrated the happy new year with parties or fireworks. I texted them wishing them Happy New Year 2019 the next day, explained myself that I slept on it last night. They laughed and said I’m such a grandma. Ha.

For people who celebrate the new year with parties, festivities and happy events, good for them. Spending the change of year with laughters, sparkles and giggles, saying good bye to 2018 and hello to the spirit of 2019 will be fun. But my heart goes for those who spend the change of the year with lousy feelings or sadness. Not everybody is lucky and happy, just like life is not always on top of the world. Sometimes, we hit rock bottom, whenever and wherever. And it could so happen on a new year.

Some might see the new year as something that’s far from special because of their circumstances. It’s not about self pity and feeling sorry for themselves. Some people just can’t help it even after they try so hard, and the lucky stars are not on their sides, YET. So don’t blame them who wrinkle their nose and blow off all the spirit and festivities. Some people are not as fortunate.

For those people, take this year as the year you will look back to, and be grateful for where you at when you finally can celebrate new year with your goals achieved. When you look back, you will see your not so lucky self and being able to stand taller and better in a new place will make you feel proud of yourself. Lucky even. It’s the opportunity to be successful but humble. To be thankful that after all you have been through, finally you can look back and see all the things you have achieved and conquered.

Not everybody is happy on new year’s day, but one day, their turns will come anyway and for those people, new year will feel different. It will be like they see the new year on a new pair of goggles. When that time comes, everything will fall into place and everything will make sense. So the sadness you feel today, it won’t last. Just like that annoying pimples on your face. Eventually, it will go away. It will all go away.

Happy New Year 2019.



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