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Take a Leap of Faith


As a human being, I have the essence of attachments. I feel attached to the circumstances that feels familiar to me. Something, someplace or someone that I have already known to begin with. I have my own circle and there goes my bubble of comfort zone. That comfort is hard to be left behind and I feel like my feet are heavy and the familiarity dragging me like a force of magnet, to sticking to its core.

I travel solo a lot, something that considered as weird and against the norm for the majority of people in Boxtown. Even being in Bali – which is so near – me being alone, also considered as weird and daring, while the Westerners and most modern people in Jakarta do it. I know Rome and Amsterdam by heart and several other cities in the world. To travel there, it is not scary and it is in my circle of comfort.

The attached feeling we are having, in any forms, sometimes drag us down and not letting us to take a step forward. Stepping out into such a new world can be identified as a terrifying idea. But how are we supposed to grow, if we keep on being scared ? Even if that one particular plan failed, going outside our own bubbles, at least we tried and we would never wonder what ifs.

So, as I step into my 30s, I think I am leaving my shield behind and ready or not, I will take that one step forward. I will take that one leap of faith and whatever the outcome is, I will be ready. Therefore, I will never look back, full of regrets and wonder.

Travelling solo has always been my thing. In my younger years, I never think too much. I will just go out there and do it anyway, whatever outcomes that will come next, I will deal with them. At least, there are no what ifs, I will never being left out there wondering.

New York has always been a city that draws me. Being in the USA countless times, it is so odd for me not once I have visited the city that never sleeps. It is utterly a craving, knowing that visiting the big city is something that is meant for me. As time goes by and I keep on changing, I shrug the dream off. But I always know in my deepest heart, buried there, is the urge to just go on an adventure to the city. So I finalised my bucket list next year, I am going on a solo adventure to New York and will spend a month there. Whatever that is meant to happen will happen and I will not regret it. It will be my achievement, something that I will be so very proud of. Being in a city that has always been in my dream, alone, experiencing. It is different and it is new, it will be challenging but that is the whole point.

Sometimes, all we have to do just jump. No matter how high we would get, we JUMP and that is all that counts.

Here is to 2019, jump and take that leap of faith. Adventure to the unknown is terrifying, but you will be so proud of yourself.

Love, S.

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